Wall to Wall Bowie Artists

Janette Mason (Arranger, Producer & Keyboardist)

Life-long Bowie fan, Janette fell in love with Bowie’s music from a young age. She sneaked in to see ‘The Man Who Fell Earth’ at the tender age of 13 and had the single ‘ Sound and Vision’ on permanent  play on her Philips portable turntable. Smash cut forward to 2012. At this point she had taken on the role of Musical Director at London’s Hideaway Club and had free reign to unleash her creative spirit.  A chance meeting with celebrated vocalist David McAlmont solidified the project and the current incarnation of Wall To Wall Bowie was born.

Things have really come full circle and in 2020 Janette joined HOLY HOLY – led by Tony Visconti (Bowie’s long-term producer) and Woody Woodmansey (drummer from The Spiders From Mars) – a dream come true.

David McAlmont (Vocals)

Possibly one of the greatest singers this country has ever produced, David collaborated with everyone from Bond composer David Arnold to Michael Nyman, Paul Weller and most famously with Bernard Butler producing the classic hit single Yes. David’s music is pure emotion, drawing unique, soulful portraits from his own life and philosophies, all beautifully framed by the finest soul.

Sam Obernik (Vocals)

Sam is a Dublin-born, London-based chanteuse. She is best known for her collaborations with dance artists such as Tim Deluxe, Linus Loves and Alex Gaudino. She has also released a body of solo work as well as her Barefoot project. These releases have brought Sam a significant amount of success – Top 40 singles as well as Dancefloor smashes.